Key takeaways from our Kubernetes journal

We started out building our first Kubernetes cluster in 2017, version 1.9.4. We had two clusters, one that ran on bare-metal RHEL VMs, and another that ran on AWS EC2.

Today, our Kubernetes infrastructure fleet consists of over 400 virtual machines spread across multiple data-centres. The platform hosts highly-available mission-critical…

Security, load balancers, networking, memory allocation, connection management, and more

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The term DevOps has taken the IT industry by storm. From setting up CICD pipelines to managing your cloud and Kubernetes infrastructure, DevOps engineers have been at the forefront of getting these tasks done. But what really is DevOps?

Articulating what DevOps is is central to our understanding of software…

Why you should consider Pulumi for your infrastructure as code

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As someone who’s used both Ansible and Terraform extensively to manage infrastructure, I’ve continually been puzzled by the increasing number of new tools, templates, and paradigms that the software industry comes up with in the name of infrastructure as code.

Infrastructure as code (or abbreviated as IaC) really should have…

Woes of immigrant software engineers on work visas

Just in the span of the last two decades, the tech industry has played a massive role in fuelling record-level global migration, to meet the demands of the modern digital world. Not only has this created pools of immense talent, but has also allowed engineers from varying backgrounds and nationalities…

How to debug issues in Kubernetes when things go awry

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Kubernetes can be a tricky platform, especially when it comes to debugging and troubleshooting issues. Most of this difficulty comes from the lack of detailed error messages and the complexity of the system. Moreover, the sheer number of moving parts in the container orchestration flow — and only a handful…

If Trump were simply a stranger, the world would have shown him more sympathy

It’s no surprise that the news of Donald Trump contracting coronavirus has been met with mockery. After all, this is a man who singlehandedly exacerbated the crisis and put innocent lives at risk. Even just a few days ago, at the first presidential debate of 2020 held at Cleveland Clinic…

This is what I use for managing large-scale Kubernetes clusters in production

Having managed large-scale Kubernetes clusters in production for over three years now, I wanted to share my minimalist approach to a kubectl terminal setup that’s proven to be remarkably effective, day in and day out.

A well-customized command-line terminal can significantly boost your productivity. …

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Engineer — Software / AI / Electronics / Technology. In pursuit of fundamental understanding of elemental physics/science | LinkedIn:

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